Joining the Darim Team

Hey everyone! This is Miriam Brosseau, a newly inaugurated Darim Online team member, and I’m so excited to be on board. I’ll be blogging and conversing and generally getting my hands into all kinds of things around here, so I’d like to take a moment and introduce myself.

I’ve worked in the Jewish professional world for about five years now, with organizations like Hillel, the WZO, Shorashim, and Birthright Israel NEXT. I have a masters in Jewish Professional Studies from Spertus College in Chicago and am an alum of the ROI program for young Jewish innovators. Now I am proud to be the Social Media Coalitions Manager at the Jewish Education Project. In this capacity I will be helping congregations and early childhood centers use social media and other web tools to communicate and collaborate with one another (in a nutshell). Another chunk of my time will be devoted to working with the Darim community on some special projects. More to come on that…

A few other fun facts about me for ya –

I’m originally from Wisconsin, so I’m a big fan of all things cheese.

My husband Alan and I are both musicians and we are a “biblegum pop” duo called Stereo Sinai.

Alan and I have two cats, George and Pickles (both are rescue cats with place names – George was found on George Street and Pickles was living behind a deli).

…and that’s it for now. But let’s be in touch! I can be reached at [email protected]. I also have a personal-ish sometimes-blog where you’re welcome to keep up with me: Or you can follow me on Twitter: @miriamjayne.

The Jewish community and Jewish life never cease to inspire, amaze, impress, and flabbergast me. I love the interplay of tradition and innovation. I love the sense of discovery, and wrestling with ideas. And I especially love that there are so many talented, passionate, fascinating and fun people out there pushing the Jewish world to be better. It’s exciting, and humbling, to be a part of this incredible team.

With that, wishing everyone a very happy Passover! Here’s to new adventures!

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