9 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Page Search Rankings

Cross posted with permission from http://www.johnhaydon.com/

One thing that's often overlooked in the year-end fundraising dash is making sure we can easily be found by people looking for us. Particularly on Facebook and Google.

Here are 9 things you can do NOW to optimize your Facebook Page for both Google and Facebook’s Graph search:

1. Tweak Your Page Category
Make sure you’ve selected the best possible category for your Page. You can edit your category by going into your Page Info area (Edit Page > Update Page Info).

Select the category that best describes your organization. Trying to avoid picking "Nonprofit organization". If your nonprofit is an art museum, pick "museum".

2. Tweak Your Page Sub-categories
If you have a Local Place or Business, you can add up to three sub-categories. These can be added / updated within your Page Info area (Edit Page > Update Page Info).

3. Complete your Address
Graph search will allow users to search for local nonprofits their friends like, so make sure your physical address is complete and current (Edit Page > Update Page Info).

4. Complete Your About Section
The information you share in your “About” section will help people find your Page in search. Particularly if you put keywords at the beginning of each field.

***What are keywords you ask? Keywords are phrases people enter into search engines, for example "breast cancer". Note that they are not necessarily single words. If search engine optimization is new to you, read this article.

Do not start off with “We are a 501(c)3 organization…”People don’t search for "501(c)3" when they’re looking for services and resources for breast cancer patients.

5. Tag Your Photos
Photos are a primary content type displayed in Graph Search results. Make sure you tag each photo with your Page name and any location associated with the photo.

6. Pay Attention to Photo Descriptions
When you post photos, make sure you use appropriate keywords. These keywords are also used in Graph searches.

7. Create a Username
If you haven’t done so already, create a custom URL (username) for your Page that includes the name of your organization. This will improve your SEO on both Facebook and Google.

8. Continue Creating Killer Content
Remember, like Google, Facebook wants to display the best results at the top of a search. To rank search results, Facebook looks at how much people have talked about that specific photo, video or text update.

9. Don't Forget Hashtags
Although hashtags are relatively new on Facebook, make an effort to include at least one hashtag keyword in each update. But search that hashtag first to see how prevalent it is.

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