10 Tachlis Ideas for Getting Your FB Page High Holiday Ready

It’s Elul and the High Holidays are just around the corner.  Now is the perfect time to get your Facebook Page ‘Likeable!’ How will you use it as an entry point for prospective members seeking to engage in the holiday season, and as a point of connection for current members?

 We’ve compiled 10 ideas to get the conversation going.  Feel free to add your ideas and your social media "New Year’s Resolution" for deepening your community’s engagement.

1. Create a series of 5 questions to ask on your page related to Slichot and Elul. It’s always a good idea to ask at least two people in advance to comment on each one to get the converstion going.

2. Recruit 10 community members to hold up a sign that indicates something they are thankful for.  Post 2 photos a week over the next five weeks on your Page.

3. Ask fans what is a new beginning for them – you can create an open ended prompt in your post, like "My new beginning for this year is…."  Follow up with weekly "new beginnings" updates.

4. Be transparent – show how you are getting ready for the high holidays, including "behind the scenes": photos of staff stuffing envelopes with tickets, setting up chairs, cleaning the kitchen, etc.

5. Share content from Jewels of Elul daily to the page. Hit "share" and ask your own question on top of it. Create a video "playlist" of videos that address High Holiday themes and post them once a week during Elul.

6. Post seasonal recipes and ask people to talk about their own versions of those dishes.  Solicit favorite holiday recipes and memories and encourage people to include photos.

7. Welcome new members by name as they join your community and upload their family photo (with their permission).  Encourage folks to find these new community members and introduce themselves over the holidays.

8. Play "Jewish Trivia" – develop a list of little known facts and customs about the High Holidays and ask questions in a post…revealing the answer later in the comments. Example: Why do some people wear tennis shoes on Yom Kippur?

9. Create Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah Timeline cover photos and rotate them out accordingly.

10. Crowdsource part of your High Holiday drash by posing questions to your community and soliciting their responses.

What is your community doing to get your Facebook Page ready for the High Holidays, and to capitalize on the increased attention during this time of year?


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